Everyone knows how "fragile" the punchline and timing of the joke is, right?


Like a botched punchline of a joke…

it is possible to miss the precious Moment --
of a Revelation from Jesus to our hearts --
A life-Changing Love Revelation,
or Wisdom Revelation,
or Direction Revelation --
because we were too careless or in a hurry, or not listening properly, or by being self-focused, or overthinking by considering human perception, our preference, bowing to preconceived prejudices or plans, or by considering consequences.

Those of us who embrace the idea of “we would see Jesus” need to never miss any precious Revelation moments that come from Him whether we think initially it’s what we want or like or not, or whether we think we already understand, or not. If it’s from Him it is Him.

Don’t miss the punchline or the essence of His simple Whisper because we were careless, or not listening properly, or being self-focused, or overthinking, or by considering others’ perceptions, or by our preconceived prejudices, or human preference or by projected consequences. 5:05 am

And I guess we must also learn not to sabotage others by over-talking or over-reasoning?

Isn’t that what a church, a Body, Family in Jesus, the Kingdom of Priests is? To take the hand of man and put it into the hand of God, but without compromise, for Jesus’ sake? 5:07 am

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