He Gave Us His Love

Song from a 15 year old Lamb :)


  1. He Gave Us His Love
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Love is not self-seeking

It doesn't spring from the feelings of a moment

You gotta dig beneath the surface.

You gotta see above the lies of this world.

So listen while you hesitate

You do not know what's real.

Lift your eyes and see the Son

And all that is beyond


He gave us his love

To carry on through the rain,

Through the pain, through it all

So take my love

We'll go together to the top

Let's not stop till the end

Love is sacrifice

It's not a road of pleasures and glory

While you're looking on the inside

You're missing all the joys that lie outside

So listen while you hesitate

The promise has been made

Though we may feel small and helpless,

He is greater still

Love is worth it all

Through the tears and sweat of the journey

Oh yes I can assure you

None of this is going to be easy

But listen while you hesitate

When it's all said and done,

We won't get another try to sacrifice like Him

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