Hi All,

I was thinking of a book I have read many years ago… “Christian, set yourself free”. I cannot recall anything of what I read but my mind fastened on the title of the book. That is when I realized how far we have fallen from the Glory our Father intended for us. Most Christians find themselves isolated and alone in their struggle with sin, needs, etc. They cannot see what Father has provided for, and in His Body. Hell cannot prevail against His Church, but we sit with books that encourage independent thinking and no walking in the light. I think the writer of the book thought he is helping Christians out there, but I am afraid he just amplified the state of defeat most Christians find themselves in. That we have to turn to self-help schemes and cheap methods to live life triumphantly is really a fall from Grace and Glory our Father intended. Please let us look at the Lamb God has provided, and look to Him for wisdom and courage to bring about His victory in our lives. No longer slaves to our fears. There is a place of safety he has provided for us. It is no stained glass building with beautiful carpets and soft seating, but it is His Glorious Bride, bearing one another’s burdens, seeing to it that none walk with an unbelieving heart, encouraging one another daily, loving one another, laying down our lives, praying for our enemies, spur one another unto good works, loving our little lambs and showing them the Father, loving your neighbor, no compromise on the truth, confessing your sins one to another, equal yoke with Christ. Oh, see the vision…  Against such the enemy cannot prevail!!!

Grace to you all.

Your brother, Heinrich
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