From "See the Cross"


Something that a number of us listened to last night that i wanted to keep with me and plant deeply in my heart..... Thought i’d pass it on : ) love,

“Make sure, that whatever else you do with your day, that you’re looking deeply into the hearts of those God puts in your path, and you’re willing to expose yourself, and you’re willing to lay down your life for them in spite of what injustices may come as a response to that. Don’t let anything slide by, thinking ‘oh someone else will take care of that’, or ‘oh well, it’s probably not what i think.’ INVOLVE yourself, climb on a cross. (A true cross IS optional, remember?!) If you LOVE them, you will lay down your life ‘wrestling’ and ‘in the pains of childbirth’ to help them have the fullest possible unhindered relationship with Jesus! And, if you won’t do those things, then you won’t find God’s fullest anointing on your own life! THAT’S what He heals with. That ‘Cross for others’ out of love and practical self-sacrifice, day by day and night by night, is what He uses to turn US from sin—to life and righteousness.”

“See the Cross”
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