Full of Potential


Potential Energy: the bow and string pulled tight. Kinetic Energy: the arrow zinging toward its target. Potential Energy: tens of thousands of pounds of rocket fuel. Kinetic Energy: a six million pound rocket blasting through the earth’s gravitational force. POTENTIAL ENERGY: the Holy Spirit of CHRIST JESUS living inside of ALL who have given their lives to Him. His mind, His emotions, His will, His love, His peace, His hope, His overcoming Life. KINETIC ENERGY: YOU—by relationship with HIM, by equipping, and by divinely ordered circumstances that mature you... YOU living out the “FULL MEASURE OF THE STATURE OF CHRIST.” YOU. The POTENTIAL ENERGY IS stored in “all who believe”—ready to Rocket into visible life in your home, neighborhood and work place : ) 10:53 p.m.

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