How Gentle Has Been Your Way With Me

From a Sister


from a sister here, putting it into words for all of us, towards and in Him, towards and in one another………

How gentle has been Your way with me.

Firm in proclamation, clear in unveilings,

but never crushing one so easily wounded

so vastly unworthy in every possible regard

furthest away from all i thought myself to be.

Yet, Your tenderness towards me has made many ongoing

and necessary awakenings become positive.

Gentle and tender is My Father’s manner with me,

though dark as lightless caves

my sins have been.

Through the generosity of His blessings to me

i live in astounded richness unearned

and the hope of all that His own Blood and Life

hold secure for me.

i do not love You enough!

in view of all that even now i see….

and what of all that remains to be revealed?

of You

of me

of why

of how

of times to come

where by Your tenderness alone will i live.

The past invades my present

with shame and regret and sorrow

IF i look back upon myself

yet, if i look back only to see how You have led me

by Your Love, not by my good following,

then the past exposes to me a key for today.

That key being the demonstration that

Love is alive,

that You hold me

if only i let You

because You are all the Love that ever was or ever will be

and that with Your Blood you marked me for Union with You

for ever and ever and ever.

It is an otherwise impossible miracle

that You have been able to show me

the depth of the blackness inside myself

without ever causing me to feel unLoved or abandoned.

Discipline i have felt from You,

but never disgust that would have sentenced me to become

all the evil that i was without You.

YOU are the Miracle, Father!

And we are merely the Work of Your Loving Hands.

i want to Love You more!
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