Grace, and Understanding the Seriousness of the Cross


Grace’s “definition” must include understanding the seriousness of the Cross—to know the Resurrection—Thankfully!

Do we all understand the “problem” with the “cheap grace” that Dietrich Bonhoeffer and many other men of God describe in their reflections of false christianity? God takes it VERY personally when people do the “I’m okay because I believe in grace” mentality.

The problem with fake grace claims—the declarations of grace that do not include repentance and a cross Jesus spoke of continually is this: It would be like saying to the Father, “I don’t have to change, or be convicted about my sins because your Son was murdered, nah-nah-na-nah-nah.” That is exactly OPPOSITE of His Intent in giving up His son for us. His grace “teaches us”—but not THAT. Far from that. To make “grace” into an impersonal doctrine to be invoked when we want to be comfortable and have “peace where there is no peace” is exactly opposite of the reason WHY “God gave His only begotten son.” It is VERY personal to Him. His boy. The apple of His eye. That’s personal—not a mantra to chant if we want to avoid conviction or the necessity of Change for His Name’s sake.

Father doesn’t take kindly to presumption regarding His baby boy being murdered as an excuse to not change. Add to that, some create a doctrine that then blames HIM for “not changing you.” Ughhhh. That’s not Christianity; that is presumption, excuse-making, and blame-shifting. He “has given us EVERYTHING that pertains to life and godliness.” His “grace” is PROVISION to overcome, for those who will repent and turn from self-rule, self-sufficiency, self-contentment, and every other self. God is not to be mocked regarding presumptuous declarations regarding the murder of His only begotten Son, as an excuse for self-love and lack of true repentance.

Father takes it personally when we “claim” His Son’s murder as our “ticket” to be comforted without repentance, and use “grace” as kevlar against Holy Spirit conviction of love of the world, pride, love of self, fear, laziness, or other such sins that “crucify afresh” His boy. Let’s define grace GOD’s way, so as to honor Him with it, rather than anger Him by using His great gift to man as an excuse to sear our consciences and brush off conviction and need and provision for Change.

“Times of refreshing come from repentance” and “He came to bless us by turning us away from wickedness.”

Why hide and run from the very approach to Father that will honor Him and show Him our love and gratitude? The REALLY cool thing is that love crucified AROSE, and it is the same for us! John 12:24! Give up to the cross that He offers to us. “Blessed is he who is not offended in Me.” The Journey is a bit frightening, as it was for Abraham with the knife raised over Isaac. But WOW is it worth it, if we dare to embrace and not run from it. Hallel-Yah!
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