Great is Your Love


Your love, Jesus, is more than I could ever understand

You’re very devoted and take me by Your hand;

I was a dirty lamb and didn’t deserve anything

But you freed me and I count this as everything;

Oh, Your love and generosity You’ve shown is amazing

Your graciousness on me is everlasting.

Jesus, You are so merciful

You are always thinking of me and are oh, so faithful;

You have blessed me beyond measure

You lavish gifts on me and call me Your treasure.

Oh, my King how great is Your love

I can’t help but keep my eyes above;

Jesus you died for me and became nothing

Oh, your love is so amazing.

Even when I fail, You look at me confidently

Because I love You, I will get back up obediently;

Even through hardship Your love will stand

Oh, my Father, You always take me by your hand.

Your love on me has given me eyes to see

Because You placed Your spirit inside of me;

I will worship You for everything You have given

I will praise You because I have been forgiven.

Your love is so faithful and true

I can’t understand why there are so few who choose to follow You;

But I promise I will be your servant forever

Because You are my forever loving Father.

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