Growing More Beautiful


I read this earlier and felt it very applicable to my life:

“Do not grudge the hand that is moulding the still too shapeless image within you. It is growing more beautiful though you see it not, and every touch of temptation may add to its perfection. Therefore keep in the midst of life. Do not isolate yourself. Be among men, and among things, and among troubles, and difficulties, and obstacles. Character grows in the stream of the world’s life. That chiefly is where men are to learn love.”

I can relate pretty well to understanding the “shapeless image” and “though you see it not” part. : ) However, by faith I also hold on to the “growing more beautiful” part because I know as I behold Him and am changed into His likeness, well, you can’t get more beautiful than that. You can’t love more than that. There is a lot of hope in that.

Love, donna
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