One of the hardest things to get out of people’s screaming flesh is worshipping at the altar of the “health food” and “vitamin” religion. Some combination of fear and pride are at work that turns people into brainwashed slaves, and totally replaces Jesus in the process, without them even knowing this is what has happened. It’s one of the more disgusting things I have ever witnessed. I personally DO take vitamins and that sort of thing, so I’m not “against” that obviously. I’m a scientist by degree, too, and understand something of chemical processes in the human machine. However, the obsession and foolishness that I’ve seen overtake people on the topic of “health” and “food” and “supplements” and other “Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth” obsessions—and the lengths they will go to in order to acquire “the chariots of Egypt” to “protect” them, is astounding to me over the years. Many actually have been conned by the enemy into thinking that “what goes into the body” is SO important. One can almost hear the serpent speaking convincingly about “food”, as he did long ago in the Garden. And as the original “fall” of man was over lust for particularly “beneficial” food, so also many weak-minded men and women today fall into the same lure.

Bottom line, JESUS cannot possibly be Messiah, Deliverer, Fortress to a person who is so “little” as to “depend” upon “health” stuff. “Self Control” as a “fruit of the Spirit” is one thing, but the weird drunkenness and deception of satan’s “health food and vitamin and supplement” scam is a totally different matter. Those who put thought and energy into such things, believing all of the bogus and ever-changing, ever-contradicting research from every foolish radio or print “discovery” that satan helps them find, these “adherents” to this “religion of what goes into the mouth will protect you” become proud and useless monsters in God’s sight. Satan wants nothing more than to give “information about the latest” whatever to stimulate the mania and “feeding frenzy” of the gullible, the unTrusting (and often hyper-spiritual).

Just as an experienced con artist “flimflam man” knows how to “profile” a “mark”—how to recognize someone who can easily be conned—satan is the ultimate criminal mind. If someone is susceptible to this scam of “health food” and the like, satan WILL control their minds. “Hardened” (they don’t notice their “disConnectedness” or feel any conscience prick about their false religion) and “deceived” (they think it’s everyone else’s problem, and will “evangelize” for their new “cause” rather than “turn My People from their sins”). SO, take your vitamins, but “no worries mon”—JESUS is on the Throne! HE will decide about all “health” issues. Unless we would replace Him, as some have done with their insatiable cravings of the heart and mind for such things as under discussion in this note. “Great is Baal!” “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” “Great is Health Food!”
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