The Heart-Context for Building Miracles


The Corinthians had “Ten thousand teachers, but not many fathers.” Paul was clearly “that” to them. Ponder this…if you were writing a letter to one of your children who you just found out was misbehaving very badly, making foolish and sinful mistakes, or disappointing you deeply—how would YOU start your reply letter to this child who has wounded you with their behavior? Hint: To encounter God in the Highest Places, think like HE thinks and talk like He talks. Make yourself think and talk like Him, by “testing the spirits and holding on to the Good!”—rejecting any temptation to quote God’s enemy, satan, in your heart or mind or speech. Now…How does God respond, how does Paul start his letter to these Corinthians (his children, his friends, those he loved—who had been so foolish)?



“I THANK GOD FOR YOU, CONTINUALLY.” There it is. THAT is God’s heart towards us, and our hearts towards others, no matter the stress. Of course Paul had to address the “issues” of sin, disobedience, and disappointment. But notice His heart, through it all! The more we address our “problems” and “disappointments” and relationships THIS way, Jesus’ Way, THANKING GOD FOR THEM CONTINUALLY, in spite of the “difficulties”—the closer we will find ourselves to representing and living in and being filled in Him.

1:36 p.m.
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