How to Be Emptied


12 min of Imperishable Seed…

Hi. I just listened to these two tracks; 12 minutes total, but EXCELLENT as it relates to the choice of Transcendent Life that Jesus has put in front of each one of us—with a CLEAR line in the sand until we choose HIS Way—completely opposite of man’s religion, where one simply has to sing a few pretty songs, “say a little prayer or two”, get wet, and lo! he/she suddenly becomes a “born-again Christian” though, unbelievably, no evidence of GOD living INSIDE now is ever present for their decades to come, in many. Doesn’t the lack of “fruit”—the absence of Miraculous Life—argue against absolutely that nowhere-ever-in-the-Bible “process” now almost universally accepted? : (

And yet, God will not be mocked (Gal. 6:7)—of course. : )

—michaelb (GA)

John 3:1-21
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