How to Know the Truth


No telling how long the debate would go on:

“I’m right, you’re wrong” and no one has won.

Surely our lives are more than mere words.

It’s what we do from our hearts unheard.

So God has promised and this no small token,

That evidence will follow when Truth has been spoken.

Evidence of Fruit: Are we freed from sin?

This will show if we’re living in Him.

Fruit will show clearly, far more than mere words,

If chains have been loosed, if from sin you’ve been lured.

No tension unending or anger unchecked;

Driven by flesh or deceit to detect.

Surely a life, which God has set free,

Will be plain for all the world to see

A new creation—one who is whole,

Born by the Spirit, changed in the soul.

So consider the fact that your life will tell

Who your King truly is: From heaven or hell?

The father of lies, no pitchfork he bears.

He appears rather harmless to those unaware.

Quite often he claims no fame to his own.

But to our pride he appeals and puts US on our throne.

Successful in that, his work is half done;

He’s made us our own king, instead of the Son.

But the Father of Light His children confess:

“King Jesus, You’re Lord!” with conviction express.

And clearly it’s seen that He’s King over all,

He’s One with the Father to be held in awe.

As Thomas so clearly exclaimed with a cry:

“My Lord and my God!” and hell was defied.

Likewise for those who on bended knee,

Crown Jesus the King they too will be free.

But as was said earlier words won’t be the proof

If we’re living in sin or living in Truth.

Our lives give the answer, our lives tell the story

When we Live for Jesus, the King of Glory.
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