Human Wisdom or "Born of the Spirit"


…you wrote: And Ishmael DOES bear some family resemblance to Isaac initially. Same papa, but no supernatural mother!

Ok, i know who da Papa is. But in what way is a supernatural mother missing? Or in other terms, who is the supernatural mother? :)

Love in Him, h

That which is “born of the Spirit” (Gal.4) cannot ALSO be born of human wisdom (human wisdom is, according to God, “unspiritual and of the devil” James 3—WHEW!).

For example, man says (depending on what one is trying to “accomplish”), “Memorize stuff, learn public speaking techniques, wear your power tie, flatter the boss, work late when you can be seen of men, do this, do that, get that pedigree—that sheepskin, have this or that experience for the resume, market your ‘church’ this way for your ‘target’ based on ‘demographics’, etc etc.”

God says, “Do NOT consider what to say, or how to say it.” (Mat.10:20) “Walk by Faith and not by sight” and “die to the world and the world to you” and “do not conform to the way the world thinks and acts and decides” and “see no man after the flesh!”

The ways of men are death. “There is a way that seems right to a man…” These thoughts and ways “born in the ordinary way” will birth Ishmael, not Isaac. The “Matrix” has its ways. God will not yield to those ways, nor Walk with those who do.

We’ve GOT to “seek FIRST the Kingdom” and allow the “stuff” to be “added” to us by our Father who knows what we need. But, most think they can ADD the Kingdom to what they want to do. For reasons of security or wealth or friendship or to avoid criticism or rejection, they want to “have their cake and eat it too,” and “hedge their bet” and do it man’s way, and add God to their ways and preferences. This, obviously, is death to anything of God, truly. To witness Isaac, “Laughter!”—the child born of the Spirit—requires an abandonment. No more leaning on men’s ways and techniques and gimmicks and props and “iron lungs.”

“SING, OH BARREN WOMAN!” That’s where the Real stuff comes from. That which “cannot be shaken” is only birthed from that Holy Seed of abandonment to men’s ways of “accomplishing a task”…………and THAT’S all I’m gonna say about THAT. You’ll have to “go and find the meaning of this” in your various situations, now and forever more. The Great Adventure. :)

In Him,
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