One Partial Definition of Humility and Worship


One partial definition of HUMILITY and WORTH-SHIP:

1. Attribute all GOOD things to God and his generosity and kindness. All physical blessings, all LACK of physical pain or economic or relational pain, all business break-throughs or success large or small, homes, transportation, children — ALL of it is God’s kindness.

2. Attribute all failure, pain, loss … to (a) your own weakness and sin, or (b) Satan’s intervention, or (c) God’s desire to strengthen and deepen us with wisdom that is well beyond our perception and understanding — but it will always work together for the Good if we LEARN from it (Heb.5, Rom.8). And likely ALL THREE are True. But never never never “this is unfair.”

Humility. Worship. 8:42 a.m.
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