"I Love my Computer!"


“I love my computer because my friends live in it.”—Selected.

“As a personal note, I might add: I love my computer because my congregation lives in it!”—Religious Author

[These quotes are a very disappointing commentary on how shallow and empty our world has become…It is truly pathetic how many would easily adopt the above slogans without any shame or conscience regarding the near-uselessness of such “friendships” and “congregations.” “Social networking” creates a falsified adrenaline rush between so many bag-over-the-head-frauds and liars, and hypocrites, often preying on those who are sincere but alone. Proof could be easily provided about the leadership and participation of every kind of predator and pretender imaginable—who are daily and vigorously involved in “christian” internet clubs and “rooms” and “walls” and “tweets” and forums. Truth be known, any pagan would be appalled at their “real life” and habits, language, abuse of spouses, and dark vices. When someone’s eyes are Opened to see the Quality of Life JESUS intends, such counterfeits of “internet relationships” and “congregations” are laughable (as well as infuriating) as to what satan has done to “dumb down” christians to such a shallow level in accepting this as what Jesus died and rose to bring to this Earth in His Bride in daily REAL vulnerable, sacrificial lives. Picture Jesus with the Twelve, or Acts 2-6, and accept nothing less! “A hundred mothers, brothers, and sisters!” for all who have given up all for Him. JESUS said so. You’ll be hated for expecting and risking for what JESUS said, but He promised that, too. : )]

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