Eyes That See Through The Lies


  1. Eyes That See Through The Lies
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“Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint.” Proverbs 29:18. “We are not ignorant of satan’s devices.” 2Cor. 2:11. There are so many ways that the enemy tries to outsmart us and control our thinking in order to steal our hearts. Cast down imaginations and futile thinking and embrace His thoughts! Embrace HIM!

Lord, it’s been quite awhile since I came to You

And You’ve opened my eyes to some things

I’ve been living my life based on principles

And I lack the Peace knowing You brings

I’m constantly failing, my flesh is prevailing

It feels like I’m destined to fall

And I’m thinking I must be a hypocrite

And You really don’t love me at all.


Let me have eyes that see through the lies!

Lord, I don’t want to listen to satan’s advice

I fall into doubt when I try to figure everything out

But it’s Your Love that gives me strength to arise

Let me have eyes that see through the lies!

I’ve let “events” and “ideas” be a substitute

For a real walk in Faith with You

I’ve forgotten You want to change who I am

And not just some of the things that I do

Then each time I stumble my heart starts to grumble

“I guess His word just isn’t true”

And all of this time I’ve been looking for answers

When I should have been looking to YOU!


Lord, I’m going to listen to what You say

And believe what You say is true

And I offer my life as a sacrifice

There is nothing that I’d rather do

But in the heat of the battle my knees start to rattle

I beg You to help me to see

That it’s not about striving to live like You

But simply letting You live in me


You know how a baby feels close to its mother

Content when the day is through?

Quiet and Peaceful, no thought of tomorrow

That’s how it feels to trust in YOU!

You’re giving me eyes that see through the lies!

Lord, I know I can make it, ‘cause You’re on my side

And now I can see that Your Kingdom’s

So much bigger than me

I’ve got a job to do preparing the Bride!

You’re giving me eyes that see through the lies!

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