Life Is So Short


  1. Life Is So Short
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This song was written for some saints as they were “sent out” to do God’s work in another city for a time. The church here in our city offers it now to you, fellow pilgrim, as you invest all you are and have in the “City whose Builder and Maker is GOD” —the “City set on a hill that CAN’T be hidden!”

Life is so short

And God is so good

And Jesus has been oh-so-kind to us

Let’s live for the King

Let’s carry His Cross

Proclaim His Word no matter what the cost

And when times of testing come

If we are far apart

We will stand together by the Spirit in our hearts

For I am part of you

And you are part of me

And if we hold the vision, we will win the victory!

Life is so short

And God is so good

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