"If You Love Me"


“How, then, can we show our devotion to Christ? There is only one way; it is by loving Him and keeping His Word.

“Christ represented the Father, and as men treated Christ they revealed their sentiments toward the Father. The Word of Christ represents Christ, and our sentiments toward Christ are revealed by our treatment of His Word. How many are laboring to settle the question whether they love Christ or not? It would wonderfully help them in the solution of this if they would first seek to ascertain whether they love the Word of Christ or not. The Christian is one who keeps the Word of Christ. He that keeps not the Word of Christ, but suffers the adversary to take it away from him as often as it is given him, is not a Christian.

“Are you longing to show your devotion to Christ? There is a simple way of showing it quite within your reach. Begin to treat the Word of Christ as you would treat Christ Jesus Himself, and remember that all assurances of devotion that do not find expression in the way are valueless.” 

(Gregory Mantle, Beyond Humiliation)

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