A Little Incentive to Deal Violently With Sin


What if you could go to HEAVEN—even with compromises and “little” sins of attitudes or temper or grumbling or pride or worldly choices or selfishness or wandering eyes or wandering mind, or lack of love—all things that could stay mostly hidden from most people, generally speaking (not in Family so easily! : ) ). What if, you could go to Heaven without dealing a continual vicious blow to those sins, without renouncing those sins tenaciously and energetically, BUT the price for not being faithful and loyal to deal with these sins is that YOU WOULD BE BLIND IN HEAVEN FOR ETERNITY?

You’d never see the Tree of Life, planted along the Living Water. You’d never see the golden streets, the Holy City, and the rainbow around the Throne. You’d never see the Nations that you were to Rule over, alongside the Son. You would never see the Lion and Lamb lying together in the lush Paradise of Life and Love. And, being blind, YOU’D NEVER BE ABLE TO LOOK INTO THE EYES OF YOUR FATHER, AND HIS BELOVED SON WHO TOOK YOUR BLOWS FOR YOU, AND DIED IN YOUR PLACE. You’d never SEE the warmth of Father’s smile and the twinkle in Jesus’ eye as He looks at you. What if? What IF “you could still go to heaven”—but you would be blind for eternity, and never see with your eyes all that Father has prepared for those who love Him? Would you STILL choose sins carelessly, knowing that THAT would be the end effect? So DON’T do that already! Anyway! “Without Holiness, no one will See the Lord.” It’s a NOW Verse—Don’t miss it NOW!

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