Introducing Jesus at Work


How should we share Jesus with those in the workplace?

Is it:

(a) always getting into a full-blown conversation with them about their souls on company time?

Or is it:

(b) always, “Just be a good witness, and let your light shine by being nice, and let your life do the talking without saying anything. After all, we don’t want to waste company time—that would be stealing.”

Truthfully, we can be arrogant or ambitious and insensitive to our employers by feeling a need to always do the first. Or, we can mask our lack of love of souls, lack of fervency for Jesus—and our lack of courage and lack of willingness to risk our jobs—by the second. So then, what might we do?

We should do what we believe God is calling us to do, case by case of course. Yet, from a “big picture” standpoint, some things would seem to be “baseline”—unless God would direct specifically to do less than this (which would usually be unlikely!):

1. God’s Wisdom would be readily shared with coworkers or in meetings at work, as in: “General business wisdom would generally dictate _____ in a situation like this, but the God Who invented Laws like gravity would handle it this way instead.” Or, “As your employer, I would suggest for the following reasons that you do this: _____, but, off the record, as a follower of Jesus I would want you to consider this as well: _____.”

***In the process, such things as language, relationships, work ethic, marketing methods, family life, personal vices, tardiness, leadership models and a thousand other areas can be addressed while giving God the Glory verbally.*** This is, in most cases a large step above simply keeping our lives exemplary, which we should do anyway : ) It allows the “seed of the Word” to be planted in real-life situations. And, “plants” don’t grow without “seeds.” We’ve GOT to plant THE WORD!

2. Invite others that exhibit even the slightest sign of softness, or are going through any form of crisis to consider Jesus as the Way, and invite them to call you at home if they ever want to talk about this life and the Life to come. This is simply opening a door, and takes very little of “company time” away from our employers.

I hope you’ll consider these two things, and every day in the workplace would be filled with worship and petition of who and how we might do these things : )

Praise be to Him Who died that we might live!
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