Jesus Is an Amazing Person :)


I’m always boggled to find out how MUCH of a PERSON Jesus is, you know? I mean, He has this way of rattling my stiff, religious tendencies and making me see HIM instead of my human interpretation of HIM. And, He never fails to win my heart when I am willing to let Him be Himself, instead of trying to impress Him with my oh-so-devoted and spiritual attempts to understand Him with my own mind. For example, this is so SIMPLE that it’s mind-boggling, really (or maybe that’s just me and the way my mind works, or doesn’t : ) ). You remember that thought offered to us recently about talking with Jesus about each other, instead of ourselves? Well, doesn’t it just make sense if you think of it in terms of us each having a HEALTHY relationship with Jesus? I mean… it’s obvious what kind of introverted, self-centered, dead-end fruit is born of any closed-off, us-4-no-more kind of relationship, right? I mean, ANY relationship in simply the human sense, becomes stale, stagnant and dead when it exists as an end in itself, for only its own pleasure, right?

God knew that before we did, though, so He’s giving us Guidelines and Helpful instruction to lead us to Build Right so that we can all Grow and Prosper each other instead of killing ourselves, with even GOOD relationships, by missing the point of them! So, just like every relationship we have is ultimately a person to die for and a person to protect from sin, as opposed to a person to “have a good time with,” HOW MUCH MORE our relationship with Jesus??! How stale does it get when all you talk about when you’re with Him is yourself, or just how great the two of you are together? Maybe you guys are way past this, and I’m telling you about your kindergarten experience with Him, but it was really Helpful to me as a backdrop to the other recent thoughts. He’s such an amazing sight to me, I wanted to be with you guys in the View! —a 12:13 p.m.
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