To Jesus AND to All of You in My Daily Life :)


To Jesus AND to all of you in my daily life : ) Love, j

Offer me riches, offer me wealth,

offer me gold and silver and boundless treasure,

offer me blue skies and golden sun and balmy weather.

But my reply would be,

“There’s nowhere else on earth i’d rather be.”

Offer me technology and gadgets, the “latest” and the “best”.

Offer me adventure, excitement and discoveries,

offer me places i’ve never seen.

Still without a moment’s hesitation,

with a smile and a wink, i’d say,

“Sorry, but there’s nowhere else on earth i’d rather be!”

Offer me castles and lands,

offer me games and toys and books,

offer me the sky, the moon and golden fields.

But still.

“There’s just nowhere else on earth i’d rather be, but here with all of you! : )”

Take away my roof, take away my walls.

Take my bed, my warmth, hot water.

They can have my computer, my books and all my stuff,

Take my health, take my “gifts” and my “talents”,

“just let me be with YOU!”

Take the furniture, the decorations,

take my desk and all my shoes.

Take the pillows, take the stuff,

Take the movies and the music, take it all away…

Still i’d laugh and say,

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