Jesus, Make Yourself at Home!


“…and We will come to him and make our home with him…” John 14:23

How about me saying to Him….

“Jesus, come and make Yourself at home in me!

Just go ahead and make Yourself at home.

Stretch out and relax and make Yourself at home.

You’ve got all the elbow room You deserve because

There won’t be anything around to compete with Your space!

It’s Your space! ALL yours. Nothing to compete with—at all.

So make Yourself at home…make Yourself at home…

You deserve the best and that’s what i’m giving You…

A clean place to make Yourself at home.

Wars may rage outside, but inside here, Peace reigns

Because You can make Yourself at home.

Not a home where sometimes You’re welcome, sometimes You’re not.

Or where You have to be constantly cleaning up messes or tripping over clutter.

Not a place where it’s kind of a question-mark as to who the Owner is. NO!!

This home is YOURS, all YOURS, with peace and order and certainty.

With Bold, Blazing colors!!

So let’s open up the sashes and let the breeze of Your Spirit

Blow through freely and freshly in a place that You are comfortable to call


It’s all Yours…make Yourself at home!” —mk 12:30 a.m.
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