Jesus Should Get What HE Wants For His Bride, His Church!

Right? ;) Of course. :)


What do WE want for a church? Who cares??!!

Are we determined to have Convenience? Control? And therefore we demand, “Attending” on a schedule rather than anything can happen for “the whole church” at 7am or 11 pm or 3am, any day of the week? Some prefer a “different” church than “daily” and “counting nothing as their own.” Unlike Jesus with the disciples, or the disciples with the 5000+, some today want convenience and control.

Do we pretend that a “Priesthood of Believers” means “Everyone participates more in meetings than they used to”—and also “we don’t have to dress up for a ‘sunday service’ now”? And a clergyman can say, “Simon says, you can shake the hand next to you. Simon says, you can talk when I say you can.” Really? Is THAT all God’s Agreement of “a kingdom of Priests” in this Covenant means? Is THAT what Heaven descended to earth in the Person and Spirit of Jesus Christ means? Only if we don’t believe the Bible can we settle for “that” instead of a true, Biblical “Kingdom of Priests.”

In man’s version of “church” many are taught to say, “Mind your own business, don’t get involved,” “Am I my brother’s keeper?” and “I’m not your Holy Spirit”—as if the Holy Spirit hadn’t already Commanded us to participate as “ambassadors” and “treasure in earthen vessels” with one another. How CAN one believe unless someone speaks God’s Words to him, saith the Lord. Man prefers the Cain rebellion of neglect for reason of their own personal gain—instead of responsibility and love.

What does JESUS want for a Church? THAT is the only legitimate question!

JESUS demonstrated and Commanded and empowers those with faith, love, and courage…to LIVE His DAILY meaningful relationships. Christianity, Church, JESUS’ LIFE on Earth is not “attending” those you are sharing in Jesus. “We being many are ONE” and “joined and knit together by every sinew” and one heart, one mind, one spirit, “THIS is how all men will KNOW you are Mine.” This is the only Biblically sound church: Life Together daily, not “great teaching” per se. LIFE. Would your wife or husband or children “understand how busy you are”—if you don’t want “DAILY” meaningful tangible interactions with your spouse or children, but just write them a newsletter or give a speech at dinner? That is a totally faulty unBiblical paradigm and we need to STOP doing that. It’s a deception that good teaching substitutes for a priesthood DAILY, or that it can precipitate daily Life, EVER. Why would we think that Jesus accepts LESS than what HE said was His Church: “a hundred mothers brothers sisters” DEEP daily relationships defining His Church?

A priesthood of Believers means we “represent man to God” daily in prayer. And we “represent God to man” as living daily involved participants in each others’ lives—functioning as ambassadors of Biblical applied TRUTH—to all those we actually love.

A gifted but clergyless priesthood of Believers contributes daily to all, in songs and art and teaching and service and encouragement.

“Admonish, Encourage, Warn, Be Called-Alongside one another daily, so that none are hardened and deceived by sin.” Acts 2:42-47. A kingdom of priests loving each other as we would our own family, helping resolve in Jesus and Biblical Truth the temptations and issues of life—before lives are destroyed. Result: God’s Ways lose very few, maybe 5%, to the devil. It’s still their choice. Man’s ways of “attendance” and “get the log out of your own eye” disconnectedness result in 75% or more lost to the devil. God’s Way of DAILY LIFE in JESUS Together is 1500% better than man’s unBiblical “attendance” and clergy and “refusal to address leaven” “let’s have a speech and music show” way.

Jesus should get what He wants for His Bride, His Church!
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