Seeking for a Kingdom of Hope, Faith and Love


Jesus, He has a call

For you, me, and all

He is waiting

For all those who are seeking

He is saying

To all those who are hearing

My Kingdom is made of

Hope, Faith and Love

I certainly want to be a part of

A Kingdom with hope, faith and love

This is quite the Kingdom

For it’s full freedom

“Great”, He will say

And help me in His Way

I am quite determined

To persist to the end

His pierced hand stretches out

Wanting to clean me in and out

Hope there is

In this pierced hand of His

I am lifted up

And continue His way up

Often I slip and fall

And i don’t understand it all

But He will calmly say,

“Remember, faith is My Way”

I get up again and again

Cause He’s gonna win

Voices are calling attention

But their goal is distraction

My love must be single

Or else i might mingle

This love i want to seek

And may it never leak

For so great was Your love to me

That so grateful I shall be

Jesus, He has a call

To you, me to all

I will heed

For Him i need.

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