Lay it All on the Line for Our Father


In a world full of people afraid to believe in anything...... a strange breed are those who LAY IT ALL ON THE LINE for our Father we can’t see with physical eyes made only to catch reflected light in a small frequency band, and a voice we can’t hear with ears designed to vibrate only in a narrow frequency band that even animals can surpass. : ) FEW will be those who find It. Life’s not about fairy tales, bible stories, pretty songs, and friends with a common lifestyle and interests. NO WAY! It’s ALL for those who LIVE in a different dimension, and find LIFE and JOY in another World—not for those who won’t and can’t go beyond themselves and their prison of the heart and mind. In a world filled with those who can’t REALLY believe in anything, HE SETS PRISONERS FREE! Find your Rest in HIM, if you dare. : ) “Could it be the only answer that means anything... is YOU?” What a glorious ride! Good night...... 11:59 p.m.
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