Laying on of Hands, Anointing With Oil?


Do you believe in the laying on of hands or the anointing of oil to the body for a sick believer, as well as praying for that person as did the early Church? Or does this stem from a “Jewish tradition”?

Paul didn’t think it was merely a Jewish tradition when he spoke to Timothy of “the Gift that is in you by the laying on of my hands.” While it seems obvious that charismatica today has abused and sensationalized many things, that doesn’t remove the legitimacy of the Real things, rare as they may be. One of satan’s favorite tricks is to destroy the Real by counterfeiting and disappointing the honest, while getting the gullible drunk on his wares. Meanwhile, the Real is lost in the rubble, and the disappointed and disillusioned have their heads hanging too low to trust, and the inebriated religious folks are off chasing false signs and wonders, without Holiness or Knowledge of God, or Obedience.

“MANY will say to Me on that day, ‘I did miracles in Your name!...” And they will depart into everlasting destruction, because He “never knew them.”

All of that to say, YES, emphatically, there are True and Real things wrapped up in the laying on of hands, as is the NEW TESTAMENT example with the Apostles, where GOD clearly recognized the laying on of hands. And I see nothing in the Scriptures that would nullify what James, the Master’s half-brother (physically) and full-brother (Spiritually), had to say about prayer and the anointing with oil, and the confession of sin in certain situations of physical sickness—that’s in the New Testament as well.

BUT, it is SO easy to cling to externals, being the gullible, superstitious species that we are, and MISS JESUS ENTIRELY in the process! That’s worth avoiding, as the Sign of Jonah IS sufficient. The rest is His Gift to a needy people who approach Him as FATHER, rather than a genie in a bottle for themselves....

In Him,
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