Jesus Left Nothing for the Trip Back to "Safety"


There’s a story I’ve heard somewhere about two brothers. The brothers lived near the ocean and would often challenge one another to a swimming race. Here were the rules of the contest: swim as far out and as fast as you can, and the first one to turn back towards shore would lose the race. One brother was far more physically gifted than the other. Still, the larger, stronger, more gifted brother NEVER won this race with his less-gifted, smaller, weaker brother. Time and time again, the less-gifted brother would still be swimming out and win the race, when the more talented brother had to turn back towards shore.

Years later, the far more athletic brother asked his sibling, “So HOW did you beat me in our races, time after time after time? We both know I am a far better swimmer, and yet I always lost our contests, and was the first one who had to turn back. How did you do it?”

His brother calmly replied, with eyes of flint, “I never ‘saved anything’ for the swim back to shore.”

Jesus was like that. He measured nothing, as it related to His personal safety or comfort or reputation. He “saved nothing” for the trip back to shore. It cost Him slander, lies, rejection, betrayal, comforts, and his very life, in less than 48 months—but His eyes were on the Goal.

Still want to be “Christ-like”? : ) Then SPEND YOURSELF for Him, holding nothing back for “safety” or the trip back. Make the decisions you need to make, and do the things you need to do with others—in the work, and neighbor environments, with family—every arena. “We are ambassadors of Christ, as if God is making His appeal through us.” Make your “vapor life” count, make it active and redemptive for others, for Him.

Never save anything for the swim back to shore.

By this we know that we are in Christ: he who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.(1John 2:3-6)

May Father help us, by His Spirit, Life and Love.
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