Let His Resurrection and Life Change You


The Resurrection of Jesus changes the rules, and it changes the ultimate outcome—but it will not significantly change your personal practical life—unless you walk in HIS truths and only allow HIS thoughts in your peanut butter brain! : ) The rules are changed forever. The Destination is changed forever. But YOU are only changed forever if you willingly respond to HIS ways in your mind and actions!! We remain weak and impotent, rather than join Him in resurrection power, when we think thoughts other than “pure, lovely, noble, and praiseworthy thoughts,” and when we refuse to “cast down” the little man that tries to tell you how you should feel and think. We are “transfigured by the renewing of our minds” and “the Holy Spirit is given to all who obey!!” Sure, there will be difficulties through which we can only turn our faces towards Him and worship. That’s part of the deal. But, “RESURRECTION POWER” in the inner man is still our inheritance in the One who lives within... IF we respond only to His thoughts and desires, rather than our fleshly inclination. His RESURRECTION and LIFE have CHANGED THE RULES, CHANGED THE OUTCOME, and CAN CHANGE YOU—your personality, your reactions, your moods, your desires, your wisdom, your physical body, and all that you are! LET HIM HAVE YOU!! 3:24 p.m.

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