Blessed and Few Are the Life Givers and Changers


Perhaps 5 or 10% of Christendom has salvation in Jesus’ Blood, by their heart’s Faith (Biblical "faith" is "abandonment" to Jesus' Blood and Truths - and most who say "Lord, Lord" according to Jesus have never been taught and invited yet to this true Miracle in Him!) in Him. Perhaps 5 or 10% of THOSE that truly are washed by Him, are living for Him HIS way... they really WANT to obey Him, and be near Him. Of THOSE, only a relative few worldwide (so far) are willing to Go FORWARD and HELP OTHERS fulfill the Highest place they can be, instead of sitting back and thinking of themselves and bemoaning the things that MIGHT be and COULD be. SOME, when seeing all that CAN YET BE IN GOD’S HOUSE and His world, will give their lives to HELPING US ALL CHANGE. Let’s each CHOOSE, with hearts full of love for Jesus and others, to be amongst the few GIVERS and Life CHANGERS! He, I, we all need YOUR help. 8:31 p.m.
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