Life in the Spirit Analogy


A simple analogy that describes the dilemma of the second and third and fourth generations:

Life in the Spirit is a little bit like driving up and down Main Street all day and night. Except some of the cars at intersections and driving along are *invisible* to the naked eye.

There will always be those who say “I’ve got this. Don’t bother me with traffic lights or warnings or commentary about things I can’t see. I don’t want anyone imposing anything on me that’s not obvious to me. I’ve got this.”

That attitude so prevalent in the fleshly prideful oblivious religious world — almost as if they don’t believe there are enemies and issues that are invisible and they couldn’t possibly know about. And then they are forced to make excuses about why they have failed so utterly, rather than admit they were wrong about the nature of unseen enemies.

It’s hard to imagine that one could ACTUALLY read the Bible and still not believe in the need for prophetic and experiential insights to protect against and overcome *invisible enemies that can kill — and desire to kill.*

If you really believed that there are invisible cars zooming through intersections, and on Main Street, that could kill you and those you love if you didn’t know about them, or if a seer didn’t tell you about them, would you really just go on your merry way thinking you know best about all things? Or would you pursue insight and eyesight and listen very carefully, making decisions in keeping with the understanding that the enemies are not visible or predictable to the inexperienced mind functioning in the seen realm, no matter how “smart.“

How many friends would you need to see die over the years before you would realize that the experiences of the pillar and foundation, the Ekklesia, as well as the seers, are necessary to enjoy and navigate the good race without unnecessary death or drama?
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