Life is a Vapor


Life is A Vapor—a poem from a young adult here, to the many sweet young children she is with everyday….

Life is A Vapor

Dear Little Children,

Surrounded by Love,

Take a moment to ponder,

What goes on up above.

Where a day to the Lord,

Is like a thousand years,

And a thousand years

are like a day.

A day seems so long,

Full to the brim,

With book work and friends and fun,

Don’t forget to stop and think about Him.

He is the One who made you

You know,

He formed you, and loves you,

And he makes you grow.

Just as you grow taller each year,

God makes your inside grow too,

Don’t miss His big plan, and breeze right though,

There is SO much more he has planned for you!

God made the earth with a purpose in mind,

From stars and galaxies to microbes and atoms,

From Mountains and oceans and streams and valleys,

All the way down to You! He loves you tremendously more than you can  


God is the King,

And wants you to be His child,

He picked you and loves you,

He even has each hair of yours numbered.

It may seem far off and distant to you,

But please don’t miss what He’s planning for you,

Stop for a moment to ponder,

Take your day a bit deeper.

A day is really not very long,

Your life is just a vapor,

Though the days are packed full,

They could be blown away as easily as paper.

Please know that each day here could be your last,

To say something kind, or share with your friend,

To obey your parents, to smile, to laugh,

Remember, it’s your Heart that counts in the end.

So make every moment you live, to the full,

Count for something More,

Your wax is hardening as we speak,

And God is holding wide open the door.
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