Life is All for JESUS, the Son!!!


Life is to be all for JESUS, the Son!!—Or it’s useless vanity, no matter how religious or how many “good deeds.”

Who are we REALLY?

Do you satiate and gratify your flesh when you think you won’t be caught, and have an excuse in your mind—or do you subdue your flesh, even when you think no one is watching?

Do you take advantage of the vulnerable or impressionable or needy—or protect them?

Are you impressed by, or enticed by wealth, fame, title, or popularity—yours or anyone else’s?

Do you permit in your heart bitterness, or envy, or self-pity, or comparison for what you “don’t” have?

We can lay all the seen AND the unseen things of the heart at Jesus’ feet, as a gift to HIM—and bring Him honor and pleasure. If we choose.

Let’s choose!! : )
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