LIFE is the Light of Men!


The Tree of LIFE! Though He came to His own, and they received Him not—His Deepest Desire is that LIFE is the Light of Men!

Do you REALLY think you can Have what nearly no one else has…by doing what nearly everyone else does?

The thing between you and the Treasure—is you.

The mistaken notion that one can have the Pearl of His Life—the Treasure—without giving all, thus contradicting Jesus, the Lord of Glory—has ruined lives and Testimony for 2 millenniums.

Flesh, comfort, predictability, human desires, pride, and fears have for generations relegated the well-meaning but Cost-averse from ever Experiencing the Life of Christ, even if it is all around them. And it is HIS deepest desire for us to experience LIFE in Him to the praise of His Glory, “that the world may know we are His disciples.”

His LIFE is His Plan as the Light of men! 9:32 a.m.
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