Jesus, Our Way to Father


  1. Jesus, Our Way to Father
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This text begins about 4 minutes into the audio.

Upon what basis do you get your worth? Is it what you accomplish? Is it what you look like? Is it how well you can speak? Is it how much you know? Is it all the good things that you do? Is it how many friends you have or don't have? Is it what your family thinks about you? On what basis do you find your identity? Do you celebrate on the basis of success or failure in any of those areas, or do you only find your identity and celebrate on the basis that He is our righteousness?

He is who we are. He has become sin for us that we might become His righteousness. Therefore, our celebration is a steadfast, immovable rock that is independent of success or failure, independent of good times or bad times, independent of good looks or bad looks, independent of ill treatment or hero status - it makes no difference at all because everything is simply a reflection of how the Father views the Son. He has become our identity. He has become our rightness. Anything that is not based on His rightness is an unacceptable thought or feeling in our hearts and minds if we have truly been born a second time. We will not accept any rightness or wrongness except for the success of the Son and the love that the Father has for the Son. He has become our righteousness. He is our revelation.

In other words, when you are making choices about your life, and you are trying to comprehend your environment, on what basis do you comprehend your environment? Is it on the basis of your schooling, on the basis of your knowledge accumulation, on the basis of your great experiences, on the basis of who you know, on the basis of what you have? Or is it on the basis solely of a humble, totally submitted, abandoned heart before God? He is my revelation. I have no revelation, I have no knowledge, apart from what He knows. I don't have an opinion about what my future holds except for what His opinion is. I refuse to have an opinion of my own. He is my revelation of how my life should look, what I should be, what I should do, who I am, where I am going, what I am doing, how I should relate to others, etc. I don't have a knowledge and an experience apart from Him. It isn't based on my desires, my education, my I.Q., who I know, what I know, or anything like that. How I feel and what direction I go are based on a NOW abandonment to God's current thought. I put my whole heart into that. What does God think? What does God want? He is my revelation. I don't know anything apart from what He currently knows.

Of course on the other side of that same coin is I know everything He knows. The Ancient of Days lives inside of me. There is nothing I am afraid of. There is no situation I am in that I am intimidated by.

In Matt. 10:20 Jesus said, "Don't consider what to say or how to say it before you are standing in front of the most powerful and the brightest people in the universe. My Father will give you words to say on that day."

"Do not consider what to say or how to say it, my Father will give you the words. I shall be with your mouth." He is our revelation. Part of that context of life, if we are living through the Son, is that not only how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others is based solely on how the Father views it, but also how we function, what we know, what decisions we make, and what we like and don't like is based on how the Father feels about it through the Son.

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