Living Rainbows!!


Just wanted to pass along something that was encouraging and special to me… Last night i was listening to some songs off of a cd that were talking about all the promises God has made to us and how he reminds us of his promises and love. (A rainbow came to my mind, along with other things.) Anyway, i took some time to specifically thank Him for some of those promises. Then i went to bed. This morning (i don’t think i was really awake, but i don’t think i was really asleep either) i had a picture come to my mind right before my alarm went off. I was walking into a room and there were signs everywhere that all said “Our lives need to be LIVING rainbows back to Him!” and there was a big rainbow that circled the room. I woke up and thought about this and remembered a part on a tape where someone was talking about how God not only makes promises to us, BUT WE TURN AROUND AND PROMISE THINGS BACK TO HIM, TOO! I promise never to leave YOU…I promise to be loyal to YOU… I promise i will fight with all my heart for my brothers and sisters… I promise to have a soft heart and welcome light into my life (even if it is hard) because i want to be like YOU… and many others. Anyway, it has been encouraging to me today to go through the day and be thinking about all God’s promises to his children, US!!, and all the promises i can make back to Him.We can be LIVING RAINBOWS (promises) back to Him!! WOW! just wanted to pass it on. : )

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