Look Past the Visions of Earth


Another summer has passed us by...

Then autumn... then winter when all things die.

The human mind to death will not succumb

Apart from the Spirit, to the future we are numb.

Yet, we will let go, like it or not

And! we will be glad if we’ve been Bought.

Still yet it’s confusing to lay down what we know

Unless all our lives we’ve already bowed low.

If “Jesus is lord” is just a fictional story

To those whose emotions are their only true glory

And the rearranged molecules their only perception

With false desires and false wisdom and the world’s lustful deception?

Too many will miss Abba’s Son’s magnificent Reception.

But today we can look past the visions of earth

Look away from ourselves and make certain reBirth.

Friendship with Jesus and trust of our Dad

Is not just a game or a hobby,

But the final launch pad.

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