Loving the Light


Does anyone love God like they are supposed to? When do you or anyone know when, “Ah ha, I am now loving God like I should.”? Isn’t it a continuous work, a continuous growth???

The issue isn’t PERFECTION, it is “LOVING THE LIGHT.” If someone “loves the Light” as Jesus said, there is “room” and “space” for patience and tlc, as long as they want to change. BUT, according to Jesus, if they DON’T “love the Light” (shown by attitudes of “Mind your own business,” “I don’t talk about religion and politics—those are ‘personal,’” “Get the log out of your own eye,” “That’s between me and God”—and other “Light-hating” attitudes such as that), they are “dead, even while they live” (as Paul said) and GOD Commands us to “Come out from among them and be separate!” It’s not about “perfection” or “work in progress,” but about vulnerability, humility, “like newborn babes, CRAVING the pure Spiritual milk of the Word” (These are the proofs of the Spirit within, and hunger for Light—1 John 1, 3)—or they are dead—and as John called them: “children of the devil.”

Not perfection. Ohhhh NO! Not that. Not at all. That is culminated only as “we see Him face to face.”

But this! HUNGER. Humility. “LOVING the Light.” (John 3; 1John 1) “Loving the Truth, and thus Saved.” (2 Thessalonians 2:10)

“IF we walk in the Light, just as He is in the Light, THEN we may have fellowship with one another.” “THIS is the Message!” (1John 1)


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