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(Below is from a young disciple and college student, making a Spirit-observation... This was an exchange between two college students, in response to a theme in a college marketing course they are taking together....)

It’s been said in a lot of different ways in our Marketing text book, for a lot of different reasons, that “building relationships” is KEY to successful business. 

It’s not enough to create a one-time transaction. In order to be successful, businesses HAVE to build “trusting, loyal, lasting relationships.” 

So, the world accepts this in the business arena, but God’s people are considered weird and strange for having deep, lasting, loyal, trusting, encouraging and challenging relationships? Hmmmmmm. What’s that about? The world calls it foundational, but people are mocked amongst God’s People wherever for building such relationships—though of course Jesus actually commanded and demonstrated it again and again, in so many “one another” Scriptures. So why do so many in the religious world act like it is the plague to do what Jesus Taught, and say things like, “my relationship with God is between me and God,” “i’ll come once a week for a ‘sermon’ but don’t intrude into my personal life,” and other such things that are SO different than what the Bible teaches, and so disobedient to what God has called us to live as “a hundred mothers, brothers and sisters” in “joined and knit together” relationships?!! The world knows, but christendom is repulsed by that?

He-lllllooooooo??!!!! : )

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