It seems that the WHOLE WORLD is in a big pickle right now: confused, angry, and with their ears plugged.

“Wars and rumors of wars”—are not just about Iraq and N. Korea. Lonely and confused hearts are suffering, while the pridefully bellicose and self-satisfied are consuming others... in streets and restaurants, around office water jugs and in secret meetings, and under steeples and chimneys, throughout the lands of our Father. “Chance” and coincidence draw the machinations of God’s scattered enemies into deeper darkness, and into previously unlikely collusion and camaraderie with one another—opposing all that Father desires to do in your life and in the Church that Jesus will build for Himself. The enemy will try desperately to wear you out, steal your Joy and your Vision, and drag you down to the mediocrity and low Quality of Life that is “like everyone else—OR ELSE.”

It is the spirit of the age. The seasons are changing. But, stand Tall.

“The love of most will wax cold, but he who stands firm to the end shall be saved. AND, the Good News of the KINGDOM shall go into every nation as a Declaration, and then the End shall come” (Mat.24:12-14).

(Rom.4:16-25; Rev.3:4-6).
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