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The first Matrix movie may be the first movie EVER that describes the basis on which Jesus’ Church was established by His Blood and Spirit two millenniums ago. UNDERSTOOD and pondered upon, it will awaken the call to prayer and the very essence of what Faith is. You will be able to understand in a deeper way WHY walking on water, Phillip’s “beaming up” with the Ethiopian, floating ax heads, leprosy healed, and ten thousand other things you read of in the Bible are not even slightly “hard to believe.” For 17 years now we have talked about the “holodeck” and the illusory world that is all around us, the shadow of the Reality that is in Christ (Col.1,2) and in heavenly realms (Eph. 2; Heb.7, 10, 11; Rev.). It is not a make believe game. It is not cool effects and video manipulations. This is REAL!

As we said earlier those of us who put this website together are not Matrix “fans”, nor do we endorse the watching of the Matrix movies in an unedited form…but, here are some notes to ponder from the movie:

1) “Neo” means “new”; “Morpheus” is the “changed, transformed one”; “Cypher” means “null”, “zero”, “empty”, “worthless”; “Zion” is the city of the Redeemed (that’s where the party is, after the war!); the “Adam Street Bridge” is the place to begin; “the One” will rise from the dead—and cannot be controlled or threatened by the matrix. “Unless the seed falls to the ground and dies…it abides alone. But IF it dies, it will bear much Fruit!”

2) “I’ll be found by those that search for me with all their hearts.” Neo found the truth because he was not even sleeping at night to find it. He was like the “pearl merchant” spending himself…and it found HIM!!

3) “You’ve always known, way down inside, that this is a world pulled over your eyes to blind you to the Truth. It’s a splinter under your skin. You can feel the falseness of the contrived system when you go to the store, when you pay your taxes…” “You’ve been down that road. You know where it leads. I don’t believe you want to be a part of that anymore.”

4) The Testimony of God’s Life, and the fact that “the matrix” of this fallen world is only an illusion is EVERYWHERE! (Rom.1). Yet, most still “live” (though they are not really living, they think they are) and die ignorant of Reality. And many are happy to live and die ignorant of Reality, as only props, “organic paper weights” in someone else’s world.

5) “If they are not one of us, they are one of them.” Most people in the world are, as Paul said, “mere humans.” But, we must “not judge by the seeing of the eye and the hearing of the ear.” We must not judge anyone “after the flesh, though we once saw even Christ this way.”

Nice people are not nice. Pretty people are not pretty. Smart people are not smart. All is not as it appears. You are EITHER, according to God, through John and Jesus, “a child of God” or “a child of the devil.” There is no “nice,” in reality. Either one has been “translated from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of the beloved Son”—or they are property and offspring of the enemy. They are food for, and tools in the hands of, the enemy. “Those that love the world are enemies of God.” They can be “unplugged” from the world system, and born a second time and set free by the Messiah, JESUS. But until that time, carnal sympathies and alliances and friendships with those who are not supernaturally in union with (and communion with, and abiding in, and submitted ultimately to) Jesus…are deadly.

6) “Gatekeepers” These, in the spiritual realm, are demons. They have supernatural power, and can fill any human body, no matter how pretty they may look. While not all are demons, all are part of the demons’ chess game—unless reborn.

7) “Why do my eyes hurt?” “Because you’ve never USED them before!” It DOES hurt to see the real world, at first. We’ve spent so many years living in the fantasy world, the harvest fields of the enemy (Mat.13), that we have become BOUND with the chains of expectation, earthly desire, man-pleasing, low expectations, wrong priorities, corrupt character, self-preservation and a thousand other elements of the fallen world, the matrix. Moses could “SEE Him who is invisible” because he opened his REAL eyes!

8) “Some of the rules (of the carnal existence and human laws of physics and limitations of normal man) can be bent; some can be broken.” “Greater things than these shall you do!” “Heaven Reigns!” “The two witnesses will call down fire from heaven, and plagues, and they too shall rise from the dead!”

9) “You can’t bend the spoon. That’s impossible. You must instead BELIEVE that THE SPOON IS NOT REAL!” “Without Faith, it’s impossible to please God.” Faith is evidence and substance of things UNSEEN. “Seeing Him who is INVISIBLE” Moses had no need of Pharaoh’s riches. “Open his eyes that he may see that those that are for us are more than those that are against us.” “Nothing will be impossible for him who BELIEVES.” We were always meant to “Bind on earth what has been bound in Heaven!”

10) In the “jump program” notice the point at which Neo began to fall. Like Peter, when he saw the storm and the waves and began to doubt, the supernatural Life and Power over the human laws fell apart, and he crashed. Some people are SO confined by time and space and earthly statistics and so-called “facts”…that they can’t know Jesus. Open your eyes!!

11) “Do you think that speed and muscle have ANYTHING to do with success IN THIS PLACE?!” We put “NO confidence in the flesh”—and have no fear of earthly issues, restraints, threats, or failures.

12) “You mean I can be fast enough to dodge bullets?” “I mean when you are ready… you won’t NEED to.” When we live with our “center of gravity” in SELF (how we feel, who likes us, who doesn’t, where we get invited, how we look, what we want, what we don’t want, what we fear, what we crave… dominated by EMOTIONS ALL RELATING BACK TO SELF), we will continue to have to “dodge bullets.” We are bound by the laws of the world system, and can be killed by what kills all of fallen man. However, when we begin to learn to be “seated with Christ in Heavenly Realms”—98% of our emotional anguish is no longer about SELF, but about what hurts God and what hurts others. We don’t have to, when living IN Christ, “dodge the bullets” of the pain we feel for all of the SELF related issues, and then have to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps” … only to fall again into our center of gravity in this fallen realm, SELF. We will NOT feel pain 98% of the time due to issues relating to SELF, but now 98% of all pain and emotion we feel… will be for others, not ourselves. We can a) CHOOSE, and b) beg God for the miracles of REAL eyes, and c) abandon our self-preservation so that God will hear our prayer. We then can become, as Peter said, “God Conscious”—rather than being a slave to being “Self-Aware” as a (miserable and unnecessary) way of life.

13) There is nothing so disgusting as a person that has come out of the fake world, the enemy’s program and game, the matrix… and wants to be assimilated back into the matrix (Heb.6, Heb.10). The dog returning to its vomit is a terrible picture, but it is not as terrible as the reality that Jesus was expressing of Judas. The Judas that hates authority, loves the ignorant “bliss” (that is sweet in the mouth and fatal poison in the stomach), will betray and kill in order to avoid the price of being Real in the ReBorn world. But, in the end, he can never go back anyway, and his destruction is his fate. Others that can never return to the old country will suffer, as their Messiah did in this fallen world, but Victory in integrity and courage and Life and Love… and Eternity are theirs.

14) Once one has died for another, and for others (taken up their cross, died to the world and the world to them, the seed—fallen to the ground and died, crucified with Christ, reckoned dead to sin)… they can begin to communicate across the chasm into the Real world in a way they could not before. The apostle John described “children, fathers, young men” as the process of growing Spiritually. Those that have grown through the other two and have become “young men that have overcome the evil one” have a Life and authority that others do not. “Jesus I know, Paul I know about… but who are YOU?!” says the unimpressed demons of those that only know the words ABOUT Jesus and His Kingdom. At the end of the movie, after transformation, communication across the chasm was now possible directly, rather than with the “tools” previously necessary. And so it is with us. As we are no longer fooled by and controlled by the world system, and will courageously see it for what it is, and act accordingly…our ability to Communicate is immeasurably improved!

15) Maybe the greatest lesson of all: LOVE is the catalyst that helps bring a dead man to true Life. Be a different and Higher person, more able to not be entrapped by the hologram of this shadow world, and more filled with the Faith that walks on water and Believes in answered prayer.

Love, M
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