Poem: The Journey

This Book, in itself, has absolutely no value to anyone, except by God's Grace. No Kidding. Only God can Help us out of the jam we've gotten ourselves into. But we can, at least, cooperate with Him! Let's.


The Journey

I looked into Your eyes, and I stopped being afraid

Because I saw the mercy there and the trail that You had laid

I couldn’t understand it all. But it’s all what You had planned

Being worked out perfectly in the Palm of Your own Hand

I do not know the trail ahead, what twists and turns may lay in store

But this I know: YOU are Faithful and True and I cannot ask for more.

Your Character is Trustworthy, You are a solid rock

Unwavering and unchanging Love, Wise Shepherd of Your flock.

I reached up to hold Your hand, and I found Your Hand reaching down

Your Hand had been there all along, while I was looking at the ground

Your Hand is always there to grasp. You’re guiding, leading, training

Making us look like Your Son who is forever reigning

It’s not about success or fail, but Your Faithfulness along the trail

Moment by moment You’re Glorified and Your Love will prevail

You show Yourself Faithful, You are Worthy King and Lord

You are our Inheritance, our Very Great Reward.

— Laura

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