Poem: Totally You

This Book, in itself, has absolutely no value to anyone, except by God's Grace. No Kidding. Only God can Help us out of the jam we've gotten ourselves into. But we can, at least, cooperate with Him! Let's.


Totally You

There was a new Life

Waiting out there for me.

There was a breakthrough

That I couldn’t see.

I could trust You with each moment

Till my life was brand-new,

And, Lord, when it happened it was totally You,

totally You.


‘Cause no power on earth it could be.

No power on earth could set me free.

So I’ll proclaim it to the nations;

I’ll shout it from the roof;

My life will be the witness;

They’ll need no other proof.

It is totally You,

totally You.

I won’t lay back and waste your time, Lord,

I’ve got dying to do.

And even as I’m dying,

There are lives to press into.

Lord, You’ve got the new Life;

I know Your promises are true.

And, Jesus, with each victory, it’s totally You,

totally You.


— Patty

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