Song: A Prophetic People

This Book, in itself, has absolutely no value to anyone, except by God's Grace. No Kidding. Only God can Help us out of the jam we've gotten ourselves into. But we can, at least, cooperate with Him! Let's.


A Prophetic People

Oh God, You are our Father,

You’ve given us Your best

But how much we return to You

Will stand the fire’s test?

We can’t taste Your Spirit

If we’re feeding our own flesh

Generations come and go

The need remains the same

We want to see You have a house

That’s worthy of Your Name

Take the spark inside of us

And turn it into flame

Prophetic people

A people who know You

A people who show You

To all those without You

Prophetic people

A people who’ve learned to walk with You

And love one another

Prophetic people

Often we’ve seen darkness rule

And looked the other way

But we won’t let the past

Determine how we live today!

Make us bold as lions

Who are hungry for the prey

From Enoch to Elijah,

Moses to Malachi

You’ve always had someone

To shout Your Truth above the lie

Now a holy NATION

Must rise up to prophesy!

Prophetic people

Showing men Jesus still lives

Exposing men’s motives

Revealing their need for Jesus!

Prophetic people

A people who heal the nations’ wounds

Advancing your Kingdom

Prophetic people

Feeling the Wind of Your Glory

Knowing a MAN, not a “story”

Learning to sense cloaks of shame and of pretense

Living to lead people Home!

Prophetic people

And as we draw nearer

We see the signs growing clearer

And set the course for our future

Prophetic people

Shining like the stars in the universe

And loving each other

Prophetic people

— Timothy, Mike

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