Chapter 6: Overflow of Life, Not Concepts


IF you have found that looking at the backs of people’s heads is not the way you would communicate in your home, then it will become more and more obvious to you as you ponder these things that it is not the way to express ourselves in God’s Family (in “pews” or whatever), either. We are then faced with the dilemma of “What should happen instead of the only way that we know?!” If you are ready to live as a Priest or Priestess of God and do the Work of God in a gathering of His Elect, then you are, no doubt, wondering how to function. If we set aside the planned liturgy, what is left? How does one walk in what the Bible speaks of as, “When you come together, everyone has a song, a Word of instruction, a revelation” without chaos? In other words, “What does a gathering look like when the Living Jesus is allowed to steer and address and instruct His own assembled followers?”34

As one in a Priesthood, no longer a “spectator” at “services,” how do you become a contributor and not just an observer in a gathering? One essential practical issue is this: as you read, study or listen to the word of our God outside of the meeting, never listen or read “to share,” but only to be changed. The way of God is this: no matter how profound the Truth you have heard or learned happens to be, He only truly values the work of those who are currently applying the Word of God to their lives. Please take the time to let this sink deeply into your heart and mind. This is so crucial! He can only overflow from your life if you “abide” — make your dwelling place — in Him and His Word. Your words will be His if He is filling who you are storing up of His Life in a trusting and obedient heart.

In the parable of the soils,35 Jesus speaks of being obedient and responsive to the words of God. Essentially, as we uproot the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches from our lives, God can give the increase to His Word in our lives. In accordance with our faithfulness with the seeds, God will (vs. 26-28), “we know not how,” give increase through us, 30, 60, or 100-fold. We don’t know how, but as we plant the seed and go to bed at night, the life of God somehow sprouts forth. It’s not a matter of being eloquent, talented or intellectually well-equipped in methodology. Rather, He calls us to obey the Word of God.

In essence then, all of the “great concepts” you study are nothing but chaff if you’re not applying them to your own life. Do not read, look at, and listen to things in order to share with others. That’s not how God does the supernatural work of transforming other people’s lives. He will use us 30, 60, or 100‑fold if we’re obedient to God and listening for His word to change our own lives.

Our job is to be drunk with the Holy Spirit and filled to the brim with the Life and Stature of Christ. Then God will use the overflow to reach others. Fill your cup with obedience and the pursuit of God — listening for the Rhema of God that you might apply Truth to your own heart. Read God’s Word for application to your own heart…not so you might have something to say at a meeting, or to someone else. You may ultimately share what you have learned, but not as the “man of the hour,” the assigned “teacher” or the “star orator.” Instead, you might share Truth as another member of the Family, with God’s Truth digested in your heart and now manifested for the good of all.

Truth applied to your heart will overflow, if you are prepared, in God’s timing. Someone may say something or confess a sin, a song may be sung, or a scripture read, and it will trigger the life of God in you to well up and burst forth. True Life won’t come from some kind of planned, intellectual “neat” thing that you wanted to share with people. It will come out of the overflow of your life that’s “hidden in Christ.”

If your life really does belong to Him…then release it! Once you have met Jesus face-to-face on the matter at hand, as far as you are able, then come on ahead! Bring the gifts of the songs you have written to, or for, Jesus! Share the poems that you have written to your Lord or to your brothers and sisters. Read aloud to the Elect Ones the chapter from the book you are reading that “lit your fire!” Read the Book of Romans together out loud if it has recently been burning in your heart, and the others agree that it is a good time to do that. Is there a dramatic play that you have seen in your mind’s eye that you could enlist the help of some Family to offer as a gift to the Saints, and your Savior? Fill your heart, and go for it!


34 Contrast that idea with an overstated but painfully real modern-day scenario: “a group of folks meeting in His memory to study His life and teachings and bide time until Heaven.” I have a personal preference between those two possibilities! How about you?! Back

35 Mark 4:14-20, 26-29. Back
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