More "Homegrown" Proverbs


Good morning, here are some more of the “homegrown” proverbs from our family in Indy that i have so much appreciated (the people and the proverbs!)


In times of inner turmoil, abandon all arguments and accusations and do one thing only: TOUCH JESUS! When i succeed in the face of adversity it is because of only this: Jesus took my hand and lifted me up and led me on, and there is no dart that can separate me from Him in That Place. He is a PERSON—not a list, not a creed, not a chant, not a loophole. i suppose He could be called a ‘pay-off,’ but always and forever a PERSON, and that is why it is such a BIG DEAL that He is Alive, Forever. We can touch Him anytime, anywhere. He has never failed me when i was willing to drop something and turn to Him.

Sloppiness and dullness in the areas of sleep, food, the tongue, etc. have a direct correlation to sloppiness and dullness spiritually with God and in relationships with others. Let this not be so, since...“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have CRUCIFIED the sinful nature with its passions and desires. SINCE WE LIVE BY THE SPIRIT, LET’S KEEP IN STEP WITH THE SPIRIT.” (Gal.5:24-25).

When you’re overwhelmed and many things seem very big or you don’t know what direction to go for the day, evening, etc., or you’re tempted to think, “i don’t know what my gift is!”... you can always go back to the basics of loving others and giving your life away for the sake of those around you. Nothing fancy or noteworthy necessarily, but you know in your heart that you’ve made someone smile by expressing Jesus’ love.”

Believe. Faith is your responsibility (response/ability)—your response to God’s Ability.
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