Motivation to Press Past the Nonsense


...Some Saints were listening to a T. Austin Sparks tape tonight, and before we got ten minutes into it, he mentioned 2 Corinthians 1, “by the will of Christ Jesus” as the legs we stand on in the midst of trouble. If you saw Two Towers, it’s as Gandalf said when entering the hall of the king of rohan, and was confronted by “Worm tongue.” Gandalf said something like, “I did not pass through hell and death to be thwarted and detained by a weenie weasel like you. Get out of my way.” Sometimes, I have to remember the hell and death that Jesus, “by the Will of God,” passed through for me to be willing to press past the nonsense and compromise and not give in or give up or hide away. If you can grab a hold of that thought, it’ll wear well on you, too, I bet. : )
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