My Father is the King


A journal entry of one of the saints here, recently……..

“My hope is that this joy and this understanding that I feel in my heart towards my Father right now, will never fade. I have been more and more trying to understand who this person is that I call Father. He now has absolutely captured my heart—my Father. Jesus has always affected me in this way but I know also that He wants to show me all of who He is as God, my Father. No one comes to the FATHER, but by Me. He is the Destination! I see now that Jesus and Father really are one and the same, and that makes it all the more amazing to me. The child given, Immanuel, is called ‘Everlasting Father’!

“I look into His eyes and there is no other sight or sound that steals my eyes away. I have a permanent image burned in my mind of my eyes holding His. I’ve never known a Father’s love until tonite. In the middle of other conversations about other things, He comes to mind making my heart smile.

He’s my Dad. I’m royalty. I’m from a royal lineage. MY FATHER IS THE KING!! There is nothing that I will ever lack, there is nothing that will ever harm me in my Father’s protection. There is no place that I want to live except with Him, in His house, forever. I don’t feel a need to do anything. I don’t feel a need to want to be anyone. I just want to be wherever He is, always. I want to follow Him from Kingdom to Kingdom.

“He’s my Dad! He’s the King! I live with The King! I’ve always known this in some inner recess of my heart, but He’s brought it to the forefront tonite. Father, help me protect this revelation of Yourself that You’ve given me tonite. Push it so deep that it can’t be stolen, brushed away or watered down. MY FATHER IS THE KING! THE KING! It doesn’t matter if others don’t see Him as the King, He is their King, but He’s my Father and MY FATHER IS THE KING!! In the middle of a conversation, I smile, cause, my Father is the King! When I’m playing a game or running a mile, I smile, cause, my Father is the King! When I sing a song or eat a meal, I smile, cause, my Father is the King! When I’m in the midst of that which threatens my life, I smile, cause, my Father is the King! When I’m confused and don’t know which way to go, I smile, because, MY FATHER IS THE KING!! When I don’t understand and don’t know why, I smile, cause I know, my Father is the King!!”
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