Natural world principles/ Spiritual world Principles :)


Several girls that i’m helping to work thru a physical science book are learning about the different forces that “hold” in creation, like gravitational force and electromagnetic force. We learned these three really cool principles that come from Newton’s Universal Law of Gravity, but it’s really the last two that stuck out about God’s Life principles to me

2. The gravitational force between two masses is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between those two objects.

3. The gravitational force between two masses is directly proportional to the mass of each object.

So the first one—the closer two masses are to each other, the stronger the force between them. The farther they are away, the weaker the pull—or force—between them. And isn’t it true that as we CHOOSE to be Close in heart matters and let others be Close, the love and relationship grows?! And as we protect ourselves and pull away, the walls come up and the “pull” weakens… :(

And the second was realllly cool. AS we DO move Closer to one another and Jesus, (we decrease the amount of distance between us) the “force”—the desire to be with, to love, to serve—INCREASES exponentially!!! The opposite is, of course, true as well. As we increase the distance, and pull away, our hearts grow cold oh so quickly! :( But how encouraging that our small steps TOWARDS each other and Him can really make BIG differences in the Un-seen!! : )

I know you already knew allllll that, but it’s just FUN to see how Dad packs these shadows into every nook and cranny if we’ll just look for Him!
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